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I am looking forward to hearing from Duane King and Anne Rodgers on this. I respectfully suggest the relic be placed in storage or returned to the Smithsonian; or, if it is a fact that it was recovered from a Cherokee Mound, then the Tribe reclaims the worthless stone and return it to a burial site, as is our custom. The fact of the matter is we come from two different worlds.I am a licensed professional whose primary responsibility is the health and safety of the public.

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I plan to do all I can to see this investigation happens.” “This about the response I expected from Scott Wolter - should make for good publicity for Wolter and the exhibition. Wolter's "scientific data" once it is published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. Wolter previously, but a brief scan of internet entries provides a clear profile of his qualifications and his reputation as a researcher (An undergraduate degree in Geology, it appears). Smith Past President, Southeastern Archaeological Conference Past President, Society for American Archaeology Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences Member, National Academy of Sciences, U. However, since they have formally declared it to be a fraud, then I, as a tribal member and a member of the Museum Board, must oppose further effort to acquire an expensive display arena for an item that has been determined to be fraudulent. Smith, With all due respect, I would have expected a more creative response than the old fall-back lines of academia such as personal attacks by criticizing credentials and reverting to the tired old phrase of, "Published in a peer reviewed scientific journal." If you are going to use the word "scientific", you better know what it means.Smith, Curator of North American Archaeology at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, shares the opinion of other professional archaeologists that the Bat Creek Stone is an obvious fraud, as most recently documented in the article by Robert Mainfort and Mary Kwas ‘The Bat Creek Stone Revisited: A Fraud Exposed’, American Antiquity 2004.Along with other known fraudulent artifacts, we retain it in our collections as part of the cultural history of archaeological frauds, which were quite popular in the second half of the 19th century.Bruce Smith, of the Smithsonian Institution on Thursday, January 29th.

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I wasn’t the only person to find this to be very interesting timing for the Smithsonian to issue such a proclamation: “Bruce D.

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