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” the boy yells: “I learned it from watching you, okay?! Which always lead scientists to want to understand the rationale of women who have issues with fidelity.A 17 year study was conducted to examine the reason why women cheat, and while the conclusion was that women also wanted to ensure a good genetic match for their children, some scientists aren’t convinced.These people also tended to be more open to social situations and taking risks.Does anyone else remember that PSA about a man who confronts his son about finding drugs in his closet, and when the father asks him: “Where did you learn this stuff? Men cheating has been largely contributed to men’s evolutionary need to want to spread their seed.Whereas, if their behavior was rationalized, they were able to separate themselves from their own bad behavior leading them with thoughts like: Within the last decade, people have been using the fact that they have a sex addiction to justify their infidelity.While some have been skeptical, it actually is an issue for some.These men get mistresses to help them cope with the stress that they know they will face the very next day.The good people at Scientific American tried to find a correlation between genetics and infidelity.

(S“People don’t pursue an affair at the drop of a hat.

Remember, that with science all these things are theories, and it’s not indicative of every person that you date/marry. With the constant knowledge of things that are bad for us, do you ever wonder why some people still smoke, obsessively drink, or binge, knowing what the consequences are?

People are able to do these things due to something called “cognitive dissonance.” This is the act of separating the wrong that you do, and either trivializing it, or justifying it so don’t seem as bad. An experiment was published in January 2013 that proved that when people were made to feel bad about their past cheating, they saw it as such.

People are disappointed by their spouses’ lack of effort, and they feel especially undervalued when there is a societal expectation of romance.

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Certain days of the year act as litmus tests for many people in relationships.” According to the same study on the controversial site, the increase of men signing up to find a mistress the day before Valentine’s day was due to the stress that they feel society puts on men to deliver on Valentine’s day.They found that men who had a variant of the chemical vassopressin (which is dominant in voles) have a tendency to have problems of fidelity and in relationships in general.

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