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09-Sep-2017 22:37

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When they broke up, circumstances had changed for me and life seemed a lot better.

I had a new job and was hanging out with a larger group of really great people, including our mutual friends.

Meeting her again, I realize that we are incompatible, and that all I really have left is a sort of muted affection – but the jealousy and insecurities and the need to prove my manhood bubble up. How do you move on from knowing that you’re projecting, that there’s this black little cloud inside you making these Madonna-Whore intrusive thoughts burst through?

How do you find long-term interest in someone else when there’s this constant voice telling you to “re-conquer” your ex so you can validate your identity as a man?

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Until she banged out with another dude post-coming-out, you were ANH: The Lesbian Whisperer.

Hey Doc: I was in a relationship with a woman that lasted for two years (including a year of living together until financial obstacles ended that arrangement) and then a further two years of on-again-off-again.