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Sybil hesitates and replies that she is flattered, knowing that this is not the answer he was hoping for, Branson tells her that 'flattered' is a word posh people use when they are about to say 'no'.Laughing, she says that that sounds more like something he would say. Experience the history, lavish costumes, iconic sets and never seen before content. It followed a wealthy family and the staff who served them at their country estate during the early 20th century.

But he will be reunited with his cast members after organising the Downton Abbey Ball on Thursday, at which the likes of Michelle Dockery, Phyllis Logan and Rob James-Collier will be performing cabaret.

He immediately becomes curious about Lord Grantham’s youngest daughter, Lady Sybil, when he overhears her mother, Lady Grantham, talking about her needing a new dress and implying that she has an interest in rights for women.