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Does he ask you many questions beyond the standard “How was your day?” Guys who aren’t relationship-ready usually wind up that way for a foundational reason: selfishness and self-entitlement. They give their men a second chance, a third chance, a seventh chance, a hundredth chance only to be let down time and time again.They still believe that their men will eventually take a turn and change for the better.They tell you that he’s a lost cause and that you should just walk away from the relationship.5.He is too demanding and controlling even though he has no right to be.Ladies, if you find that your man is just beyond fixing, do yourself a favor and just walk away. You can’t be constantly looking after some guy to make sure that he’s doing okay.

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Maybe, you're right or you're just too upset that he doesn't meet your expectations. Being unemployed is not fun, and if you boyfriend does nothing to change the situation (many excuses, like lack of self motivation, drive or even laziness), you have to run away from him. However, even having a job might not change the situation. He stays with “his people”, and it means that he might be basically homeless. And you can't call him because he hasn't got a cell phone! #7 He doesn't have anything to give to you, only sex.But unfortunately for us women, not all of them live up to that stereotypical, ‘loser’ image of an unkempt, jobless bum playing video games on his mom’s couch.