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The homoerotic underpinnings (Lieutenant Forbes, Adam, even sometimes Quentin) were also a hoot. The Tim Burton film version was completely disappointing.

I used to fantasize about being invited to Collinwood to visit David.

After the 1897 sequence, the show lost its footing.

It did have some eye candy, some suspense, and who could resist Grayson Hall trying to save Jonathan Frid who could never remember his lines (although he did deliver them well). Having attended a few of the fan conventions in the past, I was able to meet many of the cast members, except for Grayson Hall.

The old lady of the house knew that Barbara's never went to England and that he was a vampire locked up in the Mosoleum.

Her grandchildren intoduce her to cousin Barnabas from England and she goes like "oh shit, soneone let out the vampire and keels over.

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(I think it’s still in beta mode) and it’s quite simple to use it for instant answers from servicing agent.)This Blu-ray is a new add to my annual winter holiday rotation film festival! I came in as the ghost of Josette was trying to save David from his fiery mother.Then came Barnabas and the show went full throttle. The show got tripped up by the departure of Alexandra Moltke as Victoria Winters. I was literally just sitting here thinking about "how much I loved the let's be thread, oh the dark shadows one was such a favorite...can't I find it"..... I loved the "I'm Satan, Angelique and understanding" lol. My aunt will tell me how she'd run ho,e from school to watch "Dark Shadows". So, you can imagine my joy when the Tim Burton extravaganza / remake was released! You're stoned." To which Barnabas immediately replies, with a devious smile, "Many have tried, but they'd failed!

She would become exasperated and opinionated so easily. But oblivious to most of the evil doings going on at Collinwood - I guess she was too busy cleaning the spooky old mansion. Yes, I recall watching some of the original episodes, but not all (due to active "Parental Guidance" on the home front).No wonder most of the time I could not get through the Airasia hotlines.

The year 2008 proved to be Robert's biggest year so far.… continue reading »

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Seventeen months later, his character is killed off again, this time for good, at the hands of his manipulative second wife Chrissie (Tracy-Ann Oberman).… continue reading »

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Hallöchen ihr Lieben, Ich bin die Agnes und komme aus Köln.… continue reading »

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Candidates should have a strong interest in wildlife, a veterinary related degree and at least 2 years of experience in the clinic (competent in routine surgery such as castrations, ovariohysterectomy, amputations etc.) and some experience in large feline care.… continue reading »

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