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10-Jul-2017 03:25

That, in turn, meant less arguing and less fighting, and ostensibly, a happier marriage.And yet here he was, 32-years old, with no prospects.But what if love was to be found in someone who was perhaps 'less than stunning' in that department? 'Going ugly early' was a platitude, not a solution.He laughed again when he thought about going all the way to the other extreme, marrying a grossly overweight, toothless woman from India who came from society's lowest social caste. Had I married her and then caught her doing..know..would have been devastating." "Exactly! "Just keep being who you are and doing what you've been doing, Phillip. 'Think outside the box' was just as trendy a saying, but perhaps there was some truth to it. That's as good as anyplace to start," he told himself on the way home.Rodgers still couldn't figure out what he'd done wrong.She was from a good family, she had no need of money so that wasn't an issue, and looking back, he still couldn't understand how he could have been so utterly mistaken. For the last two years, those were the only things he really, truly still wanted in life. I know that's painful, but you're the most stubborn, persistent person I know, Phillip. In his mind, the fact that she wanted grandchildren had no bearing on his decisions as to whom to date or when to marry. Yes, he did want someone to come home to each night and yes, he did want a family.

That evening he sipped a glass of wine while watching a movie.They'd dated for over a year and he'd spent a lot of time getting to know her and thought he really did.Her parents were also doctors and she was very well-educated and as beautiful as any woman he'd ever known. But for reasons known only to her, one man just wasn't enough.She not only didn't apologize, she told him she thought open relationships were superior to the monogamous variety.

"There's no need to restrict our love to just one other person," she'd told him.

A model launched in 1998 - and repainted bright orange was recently offered for €180 (£145 or 5).

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