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At the beach bars, your table comes with a sleeping dog underneath and fishing boats pulled up on all sides. The old high school got renovated a few years ago, thanks to caps and T-shirts, comes zooming by, they deliberately cut in close, scattering the bonefish, running over your fly line, laughing as they do it. So eventually you must return to that other country, to the real Venezuela.

The flights from the islands return to only one place: Caracas, and reality. It's the only place on earth where a chain of 15,000-foot peaks runs to the sea the Andes with beaches, and mountain towns with tropical warmth.

Traveler forums (people who've actually been there) overwhelmingly rave about the place; they say it's beautiful and it's safer than other South American countries...

as long as you stick to the popular tourist destinations.

Colombia is not as bad as it once was, but you need to use common sense and caution to stay safe.

The number of kidnappings is down hugely from its peak in 2000, but it's a threat that occasionally exists.

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But you'll have to argue with your bank about the credit card bill.

I skipped the wilderness and embarked on a tour of that other landscape, the political terrain of an oil country whose magic was being ground down by realism.

Will Nathan didn’t perform any kind of study, but at WMILESN, he shared his sudden insight that viral content “represent[s] or uncover[s] something pleasurable that we could never have conceived with our own minds.” But what is perhaps most interesting about all of this is that the most emailed articles actually tended to be longer than average.… continue reading »

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