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Additionally, the project was aimed at improving training and employability throughout the whole country, benefitting countless people.

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These indictments and arrest follow two years of investigations by NGOs, including Global Witness, SAMFU, and SDI, and by the Liberian government, which in December 2012 found all 63 PUPs to be illegal.

The most high-profile reports have hit Liberia at the core.

How oil can boost or break Liberia’s post-war recovery showed that even before a discovery is made, there are deep-seated problems in Liberia’s oil sector: government officials and at least one company have paid bribes, contracts have been awarded illegally and companies with little experience in the oil sector have received concessions.

But beyond the accolades, Global Witness has been digging Liberia’s trail.

According Jonathan Gant, Lead Campaigner for Liberia, the watchdog group has put out approximately sixty reports; totalling publications, including press statements.

In April 2013, “Logging in the Shadows” unveiled how systemic and targeted abuse of small, poorly regulated logging permits by logging companies is facilitating quick access to forests for commercial logging. In 2013, Lawyers for four people connected to a mining conglomerate run by one of the world's wealthiest men have launched a ground-breaking legal action against the London-based campaign group claiming damages for breaches of data protection rights.

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