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At least one has this week bought one for their own use.

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He is being allowed to keep all the profits however, aside from a donation of at least £25,000 he has pledged to give to Cancer Research.

He sold his home in Sandwich, Kent and purchased a flat in Bucharest which he put in Florin's name.

After an argument Mr Clements returned to the UK with nothing- and regrets handing over the property.'It was of course foolish, it was heart over head, it really was a silly thing to do and giving him the property was a silly thing to do in retrospect,' he told Mail Online.'But it did not seem silly at the time, if it did I wouldn't have done it.' The pensioner said the relationship while in Bucharest was 'good'.'It was I who suggested we move there because I wanted an adventure at my age- the final adventure.'I loved Bucharest and I love Romania.'I met his family and his parents, got on very well with them and I was just beginning to learn Romanian.'But he admits they argued and Florin had a penchant for staying out late.'I found that difficult, maybe twice a week he would go out.

But I found it a bit difficult, I only knew a few of his friends and they did not speak much English.'I was a bit isolated but that was my own doing really, I knew he would do that sort of thing.

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He added: 'In the end we were having too many rows and it became impossible to stay with him.'They were often about silly things, I can't really remember.'I don't want to make it too personal for him but he had a thing about being woken up.'If I accidentally woke him up he would be very cross with me- probably rightly so because he came in late at night or early in the morning and needed his sleep.'Mr Clements said on his return to the UK he was 'desolate' and on the verge of a 'nervous breakdown' but has the support of people around him.'My friends were very supportive, I stayed with lots of friends when I came back and now one of them has offered me a place to stay near Sandwich (in Kent).'It's a granny flat which is beautiful and has been made very comfortable and cosy for me.'I'm very very lucky, from arriving back in the UK with nothing and now having a very comfortable abode.'Since leaving Mr Clements has continued to be in touch with Florin, who came to see him two weeks ago.The pair married in April but Mr Marin broke up with him just weeks after the new property was signed over into his name.