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A mysterious man emerges from the Argentinean rainforest to help a poor farmer and his daughter, who are threatened by a band of mercenaries hired to force them to sell their land. 'Latitudes', a modern love story shot in 8 different countries, tells the story of Olivia (Alice Braga) and Jose (Daniel de Oliveira), two travellers who have one-night stands in legendary ...See full summary » The Menezes, a powerful family of animal breeders from the Mid-West, have always been at the helm of all illegal dealings in the region.Of course, first, understandably, some may be wondering who, exactly, Sevdaliza is? She hasn't had that huge breakout moment yet, but her alternative R&B-meets-trip-hop music has been quietly winning her notice (imagine, perhaps, the idea of Solange, Aaliyah, Bjork and Sade going on a cosmic journey together and all accidentally being combined into one).Her often ethereal music videos complete the package (we noted her short form video "Marilyn Monroe" as one of the most stylish music videos of 2016). After moving to the Netherlands as a teen, she went on to join the Dutch National Women's Basketball team before establishing herself as an artist.A pawn shop proprietor buys used goods from desperate locals--as much to play perverse power games as for his own livelihood, but when the perfect rump and a backed-up toilet enter his life, he loses all control.Téo (Marco Ricca) is a lonely architect who goes through a difficult phase in life, because of the death of his best friend in childhood.Natalia is a young Spanish woman who arrives in Mexico City, invited by Esteban, her boyfriend.However, due to work, he is absent, but his friends, Ana and Sofia, convince Natalia to ...

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The most remarkable thing to me about the film is that there are no "wincible" moments anywhere.Her world starts to crumble when she discovers her pregnancy after not being able to fit in her gown for her quinceañera. And why would a conservative minister father suddenly be so forgiving and feel guilty when he discovers that the 14 year old daughters sexual activity involved nudity and intimacy but just not full penetration.Soon, she's kicked out of her home, abandoned by her family, and abandoned by her baby's father. since when can a women get pregnant when the sperm is emited on her leg? True to character he would still be very upset with her.Instead of ending with the heavy-handed religious mumbo jumbo, the film should have kept the focus on being a frothy road movie with maybe some undertones about fate and superstition vs. I understand the director's entire intent with the film was to make it about religion, but the fact is that it just didn't work, and he threw away so much great stuff from the beginning by doing so.

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Jo, the show's large and loud producer, announces she is leaving the show in two ...

Now, the Iranian-born singer Sevdaliza is changing the rules of what a visual album can be with a surprise drop of her own.