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At the beginning of the video, Oliver labeled the collection of wooden pieces “the tower” and did not object to their unaligned configuration. The teacher (holding video camera) encourages peer collaboration.She works to help Tommy (off camera) gain entry into the play by saying, “Do you want to bring that (stool) to Oliver? Oliver says, “I do want this,” and he positions the stool beside the tower ().Best Book of All Time has gotten 3.274 views and has gathered 632 votes from 622 voters. Are you a fan of Education & Books or Best Book of All Time?Explore more top 100 lists about Education & Books on or participate in ranking the stuff already on the all time Best Book of All Time top list below.He shows resourceful planning by orienting the “legs” correctly ahead of time.Oliver minimizes the physical effort required to lift and set the wooden piece in place, thereby assuring his success.

Although the wooden piece stays in place and does not fall, Oliver knows the placement is not quite right. Oliver removes the wooden piece and again says, “I need a stool for this” ().

Tommy adopts the strategy of helping as a way to participate in Oliver’s play.

He brings another wooden piece over to the tower and sets it down close by Oliver’s reach ().

Next, Oliver works to orient the piece by rotating it mid-air () and adjusting his grip () before adding it to the top of the tower ().

As Oliver stands eye-level with the tower he likely observes the recessed contours along the edge.He removes a wooden piece from his pile of frames and says, “That” as he sets it on the floor, perhaps designating the start of a new structure ().