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For simple html compatibility the discography does not use country specific special characters, but only those accessible from a standard English keyboard.

Countries here are represented as they are now (to the best of our knowledge).

Initially they were a reasonably good progressive band with strong keyboards and folk influences, hints of Procol Harum and Kornelyans, with the debut about half excellent. KAD BI' BIO (LP: Jugoton LSY 63016) 1974, (CD: Hi-Fi Centar CDD 10147) 1997 STA BI DAO DA SI NA MOM MJESTU (LP: Jugoton LSY 63046) 1975, (CD: Hi-Fi Centar CDD 10148) 1997 ETO! (LP: Jugoton LSVG 7) 1976, (CD: Hi-Fi Centar CDD 10149) 1997 KONCERT KOD HAJDUCKE CESME (LP: Jugoton LSVG 9) 1977, (CD: Naraton CD 007) 1999 BITANGA I PRINZESA (LP: Jugoton LSVG 10) 1979.

(CD: Jugoton CD 860041 5 02604 0) 1990 DOZIVJATI STOTU (LP: Jugoton LSY 10003) 1980, (CD: Hi-Fi Centar CDD 10151) 1997 plus many more albums, loads of singles, samplers, etc.

These discographies generally cover all rock, prog, jazz and fusion (plus some electronic and contemporary music) of the late 1960s through to the early 1980s in all related genres.

From the 80s onwards often only those of the prog/fusion/underground genres that continued or were established later are covered.

An oddball mixture of Russian cultural elements, cabaret and brassy prog on the debut LP.

Hopefully this discography makes sorting out the gems that little bit easier. cover of the 1994 printed edition A recommended beginner's guide to rock and fusion albums Collegium Musicum - Konvergencie / Convergencies East - Az Aldozat [Szodoma] / The Victim [Sodom] Electra - Adaptionen Energit - Energit Fermata - Fermata Firyuza - Firyuza Flamengo - Kure V Hodinkach Gunesh Ensemble - Looking At The Earth Horizont - Letniy Gorod / Summer In Town Igra Staklenih Perli - Igra Staklenih Perli In Spe - In Spe Jazz Q Praha - Pozorovatelna / The Watch-Tower Kaseke - Poletus Kornelyans - Not An Ordinary Life Modry Efekt - Svitanie Niemen / Aerolit - Katharsis Phoenix - Formatia Phoenix / Cei Ne-Au Dat Nume The Plastic People - Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned Progres 2 - Dialog S Vesmirem Reportaz - Reportaz Krzysztof Sadowski And His Group - Three Thousand Points SBB - Nowy Horyzont Sepsis - Liturgia Bezumia Sezon Dozhdei - Vozvrashenie Skaldowie - Krywan Krywan Solaris - Marsbeli Kronikak / The Martian Chronicles Soncna Pot - Soncna Pot Stern Meissen - Reise Zum Mittelpunkt Der Menschen Tako - Tako Michal Urbaniak - Super Constellation Bulgaria Czechoslovakia: Czech Republic, Slovakia East Germany / DDR Hungary Poland Romania USSR: Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan Yugoslavia: Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia no info known: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Herzegovina, Montenegro bold type = a useful beginner's guide of highly recommended and/or best albums by an artist.

The main reason for making this discography available is that, against all the odds, and with very state controlled censorship, some amazing music slipped through that may never have existed in a standard capitalist music industry.

It was an era of unlikely inventions with the jazz and arts fronts trying to make some sense of it and legitimise it all in some way.

Igor Satsevich (bass guitar), Alexander Sapega (drums), Oleg Doroshin (guitar) and Sergei Lapkovski (keyboards).

Lightweight jazz-fusion in ECM vein with Scandinavian edges, and a little Chick Corea in the piano. APPLE TEA (CD: Boheme CDBMR 810026) 1999 The band name means Friends, and they were led by one Valentin Badyarovu featuring members of the Gomel Philharmonic.

Also, much of it is so hard to find, what with most of the LP product listed here now being deleted, and a lot of it is extremely rare!