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By tradition we had celebrated under this great tree and had embraced it as a living symbol that our school was rooted and tied to some of history's most distinguished events.

This was a seedling of the elm tree in Cambridge, Massachusetts, under which George Washington had taken command of the American Army.

This year, Washington College chose to look beyond its confines for two whose selfless good works could inspire others.

Honorary degrees were presented to Clara Adams-Ender, a black woman who carved her own way through the ranks of the U. Army to become Brigadier General, and Canon Richard Tabler Feller, a civil engineer with a love of art who de- voted his life to the construction of a "modern" Gothic cathedral.

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I think this issue of the Wasliiiigtou College Magazine helps prove that point. Another, newer, tradition flour- ishes here at Washington College thanks to the generosity and example of honorary degree recipient Sophie Kerr.