Geneva receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution

24-Nov-2017 22:45

1 Ag84M Concerned chiefly with stability of values in the United States. Land ownership in its relation to national stability. Gould, Bibliographer Division of Bibliography, Library United States Government Printing Office Washington : 1953 For sale by the Siii)erinten(ient of Docniuents, V. Although most of the material represented is in English, many items in foreign languages likewise have been included. i\ - Price TO cents PREFACE This bibliography contains selected references, with annotations, to literature on nonurban land ownership and certain related subjects which appeared during the period 1900 to the middle of 1951. Items not examined are marked with an asterisk (*). Doctorates conferred in the sciences by American universities, 1919/20-1921/22; 1925/26-1932/33.

254 -266; The law and custom of primogeniture, by G. 163 -182; The decline of landowning farmers in England, by H.

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