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The mom-to-be selects the scribble, um portrait, she likes best.Why they'll play it: It legit takes no effort, and it's fun to watch everyone around you struggle to make a doodle without looking.(game via; leading image: bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock) How to play: In small cups (think: Dixie from the old days), give everyone a few different colored blobs of Play Doh.Drinking games are a fun and mischievous way to spend some sexy time with your significant other in the comfort of your own home.Who knows what the night will bring after a few drinks and some nice and naughty drinking games?!

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When guests arrive, everyone gets one frozen ice cube baby in their drink.

If your partner has done something you haven’t, they have to show you how it’s done-and vice versa, of course!

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