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I would include some more features to it and make the decay a little longer and don't limit it to just the meat on the hook, but to the held items(see unlit torch mod for idea) as well (unless put in a freezing chest of course).To prepare a carcass for meat, one must skin the beast, take out the internal organs, clean it, they cut the meat.(i'm not butcher so I'm sure that a RL butcher could add more).

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You can now also cook your animals on a spit over a fire! To cook your animal left click the prop and the animal will start to rotate. ~ Perhaps add Halite ore (which drops Salt), embedded in the Sand on beaches and in Oceans, that you can rub into the meat, to, again, preserve it.

Thanks To Robobo1221, He Showed Me Water Erosive...

It really depends on the computer, for a decently-performing graphics card it won't shave much FPS off compared to other packs, but Intel has troubles running low-end shaders like KUDA Lite above 30 FPS.

This mod replaces the normal drops of cows chickens and pigs with an item version of them.

You must then hang the dead cow/chicken/pig on a meat hook and use a filet knife to skin them then use a cleaver to obtain the meat/leather/feathers that they would normally drop.

Therefore, to produce the output in the desired format: import