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At the beginning of your e-mail, always address the person by name followed by a comma. Errors are unimportant; it is the strength of the message that counts. If you use four-letter words or extreme sarcasm, you may be accused of "flaming." Flaming is to be avoided at all costs.

Your words live long after you, and someone may call you to account.

Vitale calls this phenomenon, "Ambiguity of Intention." The cold letters we write in cyberspace may communicate the worst because of the words chosen and arranged on the page. Everyone had the same job title; internal communications took place electronically.

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Also, take a look at the "To" line to see if it says something like "undisclosed recipients." That is a tipoff about whether you have experienced a phishing expedition. You will find assistance for working with Pine Mail on the pine mail style link.Two important books I have found helpful in understanding e-mail include: Phishing, in lay person's terms, means someone is lurking around your e-mail to find your files and read your messages.