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22-Jul-2017 09:57

If you fear rejection, you believe in rejection as a likely outcome, and will come across as someone who expects rejection. It’s often true that embedded in a myth that has staying power there is a germ of truth, or at least a basis in experience—if not ours directly, someone’s experience, at some point in history. Whatever the myth that is defining you and controlling your outlook and actions–let it go.

Sure, some folks are shallow and look for that perfect “10” (and I say, “Good luck finding it! They are the ones to feel sorry for as they work their way through a series of meaningless encounters and still end up alone.

Based on findings from over 7,000 Tinder users and an additional 2,500 millennials speaking more generally about their dating lives, the survey tackled four major online dating myths.

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Tinder users are five percent more likely to tell their partner they love them within the first year of dating (compared to those who date offline). Jess Carbino found these results particularly interesting.The gods, it seemed, needed something that could only be found in human blood.

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I spoke with Rosenfeld to hear more about his research, to learn about the ways in which the rise of online dating is defining modern love, and to talk about the biggest misconceptions people have about online dating.… continue reading »

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