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Because you are not my direct report, I see no need for you and I to discuss this matter any further, and because of the awkward position this puts me in as both an executive with the company and your neighbor, let’s be safe and include HR in all future professional correspondence between us for the time being.

Take care.” He hasn’t responded, and Anna and I haven’t spoken of the matter again. And for those who were curious about how I knew it was him that text her, let’s just say his real first and last name are unusual enough that there was no doubt!

I wonder if I should have replied to Alex at all, or if I handled my response appropriately given that I have to take a neutral stance in the office.

I’d be curious to know if you would have handled receiving Alex’s email differently?

Even self-referential humor is evident—in one strip, Officer Pupp, having arrested Ignatz, berates Herriman for not having finished drawing the jailhouse.

Public reaction at the time was mixed; many were puzzled by its iconoclastic refusal to conform to linear comic strip conventions and straightforward gags.

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The strip also occasionally features incongruous trappings borrowed from the stage, with curtains, backdrops, theatrical placards, and sometimes even floor lights framing the panel borders.

From where she was standing, my screen reflected onto the glass wall adjacent to her, and she apparently caught a glimpse of the title.

She didn’t say anything to me at the time, but later that day, she emailed me to ask if she could set up a private meeting with an HR representative and me.

Krazy Kat (also known as Krazy & Ignatz at some reprints and compilations) is an American newspaper comic strip by cartoonist George Herriman (1880–1944), which ran from 1913 to 1944.

It first appeared in the New York Evening Journal, whose owner, William Randolph Hearst, was a major booster for the strip throughout its run.The descriptive passages mix whimsical, often alliterative language with phonetically-spelled dialogue and a strong poetic sensibility ("Agathla, centuries aslumber, shivers in its sleep with splenetic splendor, and spreads abroad a seismic spasm with the supreme suavity of a vagabond volcano.").

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