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The diversity of ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi and their colonization of Scots pine, Norway spruce and oak seedlings (2 2) after outplanting to farmland were analyzed using several inoculation treatments. Raktažolių (Primula L.) morfologinių dekoratyvių savybių apibūdinimo aprašas : metodinė priemonė.

132 tulip cultivars obtained the highest introductive score according to the criteria tested.

Genetic diversity assessment by using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) markers was carried out in the sample of 78 individuals representing 10 populations from Latvia, Poland and Kaliningrad region. Introductive investigations of tulips collection (322 species and cultivars) included: 1) tulip resistance to climatic conditions was studied by evaluation of the influence of wintering conditions, spring frosts and other stress factors; 2) resistance to viral and fungal diseases; 3) assessment of ornamental quality.

English Jew ( L.) is an endangered species in the Baltic countries with a scattered distribution and small size populations.

National Plant Genetic Resources of Ornamental Plants and Morphological Characterization of Paeonia // Acta Horticulturae. 953 : Ornamental Breeding Worlwide : Proceedings of the 24th International EUCARPIA Symposium - Section Ornamentals, September 2-5, 2012, Warsaw, Poland. Members of the Library staff were instrumental in preparation of 10 books and published 60 articles in various editions.

Leuven : International Society Horticultural Science.

They were provided with 888 guided tours in 6 languages. Petrozavodsk : Petrozavodskij gosudarstvennyj universitet, 2012, p.

In 2012, about 12 593 persons from 48 countries of the world visited the Library. Ocifrovka kollekcii knig sudnych del biblioteki Vilniusskogo universiteta: vyzovy i rešenija // Informacionnye technologii i pismennoje nasledije : materialy 4-oj meždunarodnoj konferencii, Petrozavodsk, 3-8 sentiabria 2012 goda.

Effect of far-red light on the growth of chrysanthemum plantlets in vitro // Sodininkystė ir daržininkystė / Lietuvos sodininkystės ir daržininkystės institutas.

Bijūnų (Paeonia L.) apibūdinimo aprašas - vienas iš augalų genetinių išteklių dokumentų // Dekoratyviųjų ir sodo augalų sortimento, technologijų ir aplinkos optimizavimas.

Development of the Northern European Ribes core collection based on a microsatellite (SSR) marker diversity analysis // Plant genetic resources: characterisation and utilisation.

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