Battleye client not updating

15-Jul-2017 19:40

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Squawks are still not 3d for stereo, but that is the only remaining issue. * Fixed: Possible locking and syncing issues with current radio lists v1.3.7 * Added: Preparation class definitions for different antenna's and powers in vehicles (not implemented yet) * Changed: PA mode removed from AN/PRC-119. * Fixed: Signal code was running faster than it should have, causing FPS lag @ greater than 60 players. * Fixed: Arm A2 has a engine bug for positions at a distance, causing signal loss. We manually propigate our positions, so signals now always work when distances are greater than 10km. * Fixed: There was a small chance that you would start a mission and radios would disappear. Fixes #152 * Fixed: When you died inside a vehicle or respawned, you would still have the radio after respawn.* Fixed: When you "stopped using" a vehicle rack radio, it would break for a misison. v1.3.5 * Changed: Removed ACRE version popup error in TS3 * Fixed: Your radio would not work when you respawned with it and a vehicle rack radio.We welcome anyone to supply feedback or join in on this cooperative project.* ACRE now implements ACRE interaction keys utilizing the CBA framework.

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v1.4.7 * Fixed bug where per-frame handler code would run after mission end causing odd behavior v1.4.6 * Moved even more loops to per-frame handlers * Refactored code to use less scheduled execution time v1.4.5 * Moved more loops to per-frame handlers * Moved critical server loops to non-scheduled execution v1.4.4 * Final build for release.v1.3.15.465 - version update due to to many hotfixes v1.3.14.463 - hotfix for ACRE that fixes issues with rapify v1.3.14.462 - it supports TS3 3.0.3 and contains some potential bug and performance fixes.

I also broke the news that I would not be flying first class around the country on my publisher’s dime or drinking Champagne from dollar-bill‑shaped flutes any time soon. Suddenly I was speaking in public, giving TV and radio interviews, writing nationally syndicated columns and recapping it all on multiple social media accounts.… continue reading »

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