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16-Jul-2017 12:50

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Even if you get the salesman to agree to a price that is basically what the dealership paid for the car, you still have to go to that back room; the room where the deal is sealed.

Whether you lease, finance it, or plonk down a wad of cash, they'll try to push every single option they can on you.

Some of the salesmen reported KBB values that undervalued cars by ,000 or more.

Your best bet is to get a copy of the NADA value for your car. Dealerships refer to them as "bumper stickers" because that's where they bump up the price of the car.

Sure, you're armed with the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) trade-in price and resale price, but those numbers are hogwash.

Regular readers of the content aggregator may have seen a post recently asking car salesmen to confess their greatest fears. From those notes I have identified car salesmen's 17 greatest fears and weaknesses.

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