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Lack of cash is a common reason to delay, duck out of, or otherwise procrastinate on committing to a big bike tour. Freecycle and Freegle immediately came to mind – online networks in local areas for giving away and getting hold of pretty much anything of use.

But being on a tight budget is a ‘poor’ excuse indeed. Rather than fill a thousand words with rhetoric, however, perhaps it’d be more useful to simply necessary to set off on a big bike trip, for no more than the cost of a round of drinks. I signed up to my local groups and kept my eyes open for relevant goodies.

The big sleeping bag was probably overkill, and had no stuff sack, but I’d find one for it somewhere.

“Three quid’ll do it.” A third visit to Recyclemart yielded a Tesco Value 2-man tent, weighing just under 2kg, which had never been removed from its packaging.

And these ideas can be put into practice immediately by anyone. Surely I could salvage a discarded bike and re-purpose it?

Walking past a bike shop in Leicester one day, I popped in to ask where I might find such a thing.

tips or dumps) send usable goods elsewhere for resale, and that most of the shop’s recycled bikes came from such sources.Places like Recyclemart exist all over the place — you just have to look for them.